The Bosses

from annoyance to idea to product
the bosses start to move

How it all started

BYTBAR finds its roots in the woods around Utrecht, The Netherlands. Carlo, one of our BYTBAR Founding Fathers (BFFs), was cycling on his mountainbike while he spotted really a lot of energy bar wrappers. And because these packagings are made of non (or at least very slowly) compostable materials and therefore will be wandering the forests for a very long time, he thought, "This needs to change!". 

Together with Menno and Wouter, he then started looking for packaging that did compost quickly. In fact, a wrap that you just leave in the green bin We found that wrapper after a long search. One that is absorbed into nature after 10 months. And BYTBAR is now being packaged in it. The tastiest, most boosting energy bars known in the market. 

meet them

The BYTBAR Founding Fathers

Wouter | Storyteller

Wouter likes a good coffee on a terrace, likes to watch movies and gets warm from touring along the Italian coast. That's logical because it is often warm there. Sometimes not of course, but then it is probably winter and you wonder what you are doing there anyway. Wouter is involved in marketing and branding within BYTBAR.
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Carlo | Product professor

Carlo houdt van lekker eten, buitensporten en van alles dat sneller gaat dan lopen. Of het nou rijdt, vaart of vliegt. Bij voorkeur een combinatie van alles, omdat hij het leven te leuk vindt om maar één zintuig tegelijk te prikkelen. Het liefst acht dagen per week. Carlo is actief met de ontwikkeling, de werking en verbetering van de producten die BYTBAR levert. Mail hem op

Menno | Sales tiger

Menno cannot be tamed. Whether it concerns sports, sales or shandy, he always and everywhere goes to the limit. He has seen quite a bit of the world and also wants to cross national borders with BYTBAR. Menno is old-school and deals with offline sales. Simply, because that also still exists.
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