Super tasty vegan energy bars in a 100% compostable wrapper

The BYTBAR Red Fruit Crunch. Composed in an unique way from dates, cranberries and wholemeal oatmeal.

Do you need focus for sports or work? Enjoy this red fruit full focus bar. It's really eye-opening. Really.

The performance boosting chocolate almond power bar. Yep, that's a mouthful. A soft and tasty bite for real athletes.

Here it is. Banana! This bar really gives you that extra power boost you're longing for. Try. Taste and be hooked!

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Snack without waste!

Offering energy snacks starts with better ingredients and taste and continues with better packaging materials, better factories and shipment methods. We believe our planet deserves better. Less waste and pollution. More consciousness and responsibility. Sounds fair, doesn't it? That's why the wrappers of BYTBAR energy bars are 100% compostable. Just throw them in the green bin with compostable waste. Yup, that's right. The green bin.

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What's inside our bars?


The body uses choline to make lecithin, an emulsifier that regulates fat and prevents cholesterol from getting stuck in the veins.


This is an adaptogen and can relieve stress while increasing energy and focus.


This nutty Brazilian seed improves alertness and .. erm .. what was it again .. oh yes, it strengthens memory.

Let's clean up this planet

Consume sustainably

Yes. It is true that we are all aware of the fact that we must consume sustainably. But do we also do something with it? Or will it stay with good intentions? (and we know how that goes every year ..)
BYTBAR makes an important and progressive step forward with wrappers which are 100% compostable That is why these wrappers have the Tüv certificate “OK compost HOME”. This refers to products that are completely biodegradable and also compost at lower temperatures. Our wrappers can therefore simply be thrown in the composter at home; hence the name HOME. Together we can achieve a lot and we achieve small successes on several fronts. Like in this video.


BYTBAR Taste Pack

Do you want to try BYTBAR? Easily order this taste pack with our 3 flavours. The bars are free! You only pay €6,95 for handling and shipping.

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